Africa (Part 1)

Africa (Part 1)


As can be seen by the majority of my pictures on my site, I have a passion for travel, and one of my other professions is that of an Expedition Leader for a company called World Challenge, where I take a group of teenagers to various places around the world. Recently I took twenty 15-16 year olds from a school in Melbourne, Australia to Namibia and Botswana for four weeks. Following the expedition i decided to stay in the continent and travel from Johannesburg to Nairobi on an overland tour. Here are some of the highlights of that journey, which is hard to pick out some of the best pictures from two months of being in a photographers paradise, so i have broken it down by country and three parts;



This was the start of the expedition, and involved trekking through traditional Botswanan villages, wild camping and hiking along the Limpopo River and then onto the famous Okavango Delta where we got poled along the reeds and rushes of the delta with Hippos looking on. I returned to Botswana on the Overland tour to the beautiful Chobe River National Park.

Left: Making bread on an open fire with a family at a cattle post in rural Botswana.

Right: Polers transporting our bags to a camp on traditional Mokoro canoes in the Okavango Delta

Left: Poler tying up Mokoros at sunset on the Okavango Delta

Right: Hungry Hippo on the Chobe River

Left: Boy at his family home in a cattle post in rural Botswana Right: Robber Fly eating a Caper White Butterfly in the Limpopo River region of Botswana
Left: Juvenile Nile Crocodile on the Chobe River Right: Rare Malachite Kingfisher on the banks of the Chobe River


We travelled to Namibia for the next phase of the expedition which was to work in a rural primary school in the Waterberg region where we planted trees so that the school could sell the fruit as well as eat in several years to come.  From there we went to the highlight of the trip - Etosha National Park in the North of the country for the Rest and Relaxation phase of the trip. Apart from Leopards, all of the Big Five were spotted and gave us the opportunity to really get up really close to the animals.

Left: Oryx lined up for a postcard shoot on the Etosha Salt Pan in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Right: A family of Giraffes on safari in Etosha

Left: Female Lion posing for the camera

Right: Elephant at a waterhole at sunset


Left: It's hard work being a fearsome feline

Right: The endangered Black Rhino drinks at a waterhole at dusk


I had a few days in-between the end of the expedition and the start of my overland trip. Instead of hanging around Johannesburg I decided to rent a hire car and drive to the last remaining Kingdom in Africa. I got there at night so was not sure what it was like, but in the morning I woke to a beautiful vista of alpine scenery. Driving around the small country was such a highlight with incredible landscapes and very friendly people. I would recommend this place to anybody! 

Left: Poor Swazi family with donated Xmas T-shirts Centre: Traditional Swazi Beehive huts Right: Swazi tribesman carrying out traditional dance



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Juanita Busuttil(non-registered)
love your photos. So beautiful. Really wish I go visit these places one day :)
Laura Cook Photography(non-registered)
Loved your first blog in the Africa set and am in love with the image 'Poler tying up Mokoros at sunset on the Okavango Delta'. Ab gorgeous shot.
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