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I have been very fortunate to have photographed in some of the wildest and remotest destinations of the planet. I have worked as a photographer, as well as an expedition leader and location manager for TV productions. This has seen me travel to, and work, in over 85 countries on six different continents, in all environments. I have also served in the British Army where I was responsible for leading Combat Camera Teams to areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan and for getting stories of the Armed Forces into the international news.


I was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Geographical Society and my most notable venture was being asked to lead the epic world first expedition, Walking the Nile. This involved explorer Levison Wood setting out to be the first person to ever walk the length of the River Nile. This was filmed for a Channel 4 documentary, where along with managing the expedition I was also the production photographer. Images of this expedition has been published world-wide, on front covers of the best-selling book, magazines and newspapers. I went on to manage the second series, where Levison walked from Afghanistan to Bhutan, called Walking the Himalayas, which saw huge success worldwide. I have also been responsible for photographing, as well as the planning, producing and directing, of a series of videos for Jägermeister called the Ice Cold Gigs. We were awarded  a Guinness World Record for one of these, which was performing the first ever gig on a moving Iceberg in Greenland.


We have been nominated for several awards for these events and programs. For my photography, I have also seen success and been shortlisted in the finals for the prestigious International Travel Photographer of The Year, for my portfolio of the Mundari tribe in South Sudan. I was also the  Runner Up in the Wanderlust Travel Photographer of The Year in the Professional Portfolio category for my study on the loss of the Aral Sea in Uzbekistan.


Despite the places I have travelled to, like many people, I dream of the next adventure and travels to come. My aim is to live out those dreams, and document them on camera. I hope that I can share this with you and inspire you to follow your own dreams, and remember these for many years to come. Dream. Live. Remember.


To help you realise your dream I am available to photograph for whatever you or your clients require, Contact me to discuss your requirements.  


Press and publications

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